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a) What are the security arrangements you have in the hostel?
The school campus including hostel is well secured with boundary walls, high concertina wiring, 24 x 7 CCTV camera surveillance and Security lights. There is round the clock patrolling by security personnel ensuring safety and security of the campus.

b) What arrangements are there in hostel to meet the medical emergency?
The school houses a medical unit with a full time doctor and a nurse. Moreover, all kind of provisions are there to act instantly in case of the medical emergency.

c) Is there any indoor game facility in the hostel?
Yes, the school has indoor game facilities like Table Tennis, Carom and Chess etc.

d) What sports facilities do you have for your hostel students?
Mostly all sports facilities including cricket, football, hockey, basketball, swimming pool, net ball are there in the campus with residential sports teachers to coach the students. Our hostel students have excelled in various national and international sport meets.

e) What is the food standard of your hostel?
Our hostel mess has a dedicated mess staff. All care is taken by the food committee to ensure the balanced diet for the growing children with emphasis on the hygiene.

f) Do you have any arrangement for extra coaching of your wards?
Yes, we have experienced, residential teachers in our hostel who takes extra classes for the hostel students.

g) When the students are permitted to go home?
In addition to winter and summer vacations, the parents are allowed to take their wards on the last Friday of the month.

h) Is there any computer facility in your hostel?
Yes, our hostel has a computer lab with 24 hours internet facility.

J) Are mobile phones allowed in hostel?
Yes, mobile phones are allowed in the hostel but only on Sunday for two hours.